Forno Fassi

"The story continues"


This adventure started in 1940, when my father, Vittorio Fassi, began working as a labourer in a bakery in Borgo Santa Caterina, Bergamo. In 1959 he bought his own bakery, sit in via S. Tomaso, which is a historic street leading to the old town. In 1976 he expanded his activities by opening a second bakery, just next to the other, aided by his wife Romana and his daughter Fabrizia. A few years later comes also my time of being an integral part of the family activity, helping my father in the ancient craft of baking. Vittorio and Romana, after so many sacrifices, are granted a well-deserved rest, leaving the fruits of their labours to the children. Then my wife Marina joins us and with her, in 2008, we create the "Forno Fassi". Thanks to the help of my wife and good collaborators, we are able to open in 2012 a bread shop in the central Via Gombito in the Old Town, a few steps from Old Town Square and the Funicular Station. Our history enters the history of Bergamo, made of family workshops, of regular customers saying "hello!!" and curious occasional tourists hungry for tradition and simplicity. Qualities that my dad and my mom, Vittorio and Romana, were able to simply pass on through the love for their work.