• semplice, naturale ..... buono


Forno Fassi

"la nostra filosofia"


Daily bread.
Is what we do every day, what you find on the counter still hot, what you open up feeling the perfume, round and fragrant. Rough between your fingers, crisp and soft inside. Light, because it has shed all its moisture during cooking. Our daily bread tastes of wheat because it is from the quality ingredients that our jewels come from. Our philosophy is this: to create jewellery every day. And to do this while you sleep, we mix, dose, cut, try, and experience new recipes every day. Our bread and all other Fassi oven products are fresh, never frozen because they are prepared daily in the historic oven at S. Tomaso in Bergamo. It is our choice, as well as to donate all the fresh unsold to humanitarian associations and onlus, starting every day from scratch by creating simple, natural products ... good.